Thursday, 20 September 2007

Sunset at Titchwell

What a change it makes to have some nice weather to work with, and some birds that have performed well to coincide with the sunshine. The last couple of weeks have been spectacularly successful photographically and I now have about 40gigs worth of images after editing to re-edit and pick the best from.
The best day was last Saturday, the15th, an early start for the wader roost at Snettisham and a late afternoon rising tide at Titchwell meant that I could do some much more pictorial "birds in the landscape" images.
The Black headed Gull was a real performer and at last I have some shots that show one feeding in a more natural setting and not eating bread! More to follow as I process the images.

1 comment:

Chris Jones said...

Nice pics Nigel, allways find your work an inspiration.

Fraid I tried to emulate your sanderling shots of a few years ago the other week, but the buggers wouldn't run.