Sunday, 10 February 2008

A superb Sunday

A last minute trip to St Albans today proved to be quite something, after oversleeping, yesterdays plans for today went in the bin, and I thought the Heronry would perhaps retrieve the day.
Andy darrington and I squeezed into the hired Ford Ka, 'coz my jinxed Focus has died again! and sped off down the A1 with more cameras and lenses than a "Jessops" branch, we both managed to get through about 16 gig, and all this weeks practice at panning whilst shooting fast jets, made getting flight shots of the Herons with nesting material a doddle.


Keith Reeder said...

Great stuff as ever, Nigel.

It's interesting that you've chosen to give space to "boring" birds like coots and moorhens - it goes to show that any bird can be a worthwhile and valid photographic subject.

Funnily enough, I've got a pile of coot, moorhen and common duck species shots from last weekend that are just sitting gathering dust on my hard drive: I think now that I'll let a few of 'em see the light of day after all!

Nigel Blake said...

Hiya Keith, I'm sure we've conversed before about how I feel common birds are no less photogenic than rarities.
These local town park birds are blissfully unaware of the people, screaming kids and dogs (who mainly are blissfully unaware of the birds)and go about their daily lives at a range that makes photography easy. Whats really nice is that you can photograph them without the confines of hides etc, so it gives more creative freedom.
Interestingly I only saw one other obvious birder there, and yet there was at least 23 species and a wealth of behavior to observe.