Monday, 10 March 2008

Herons again

Its nice to have a Heronry in a nearby country park, these birds are very used to people being close-by and behave very normally going about the daily preeening, washing, fishing, and nesting. I had done the flight shots of them with nesting material that I wanted to get this year, so now the visits are more for getting those shots as they while the day away waiting for the eggs to hatch.


Keith Reeder said...

Interesting, Nigel - you seem to be at the same height as the herons in a couple of these pictures (the second in particular).

Is that just long lens foreshortening, or were you up the tree?

Nigel Blake said...

No Keith, they are nesting really low down, one pair are only about 4 feet above the water, but they are in rubbish light most of the day... sods law!

Keith Reeder said...

Thanks for that, Nigel.

Shame, really - I liked the image of you 30 feet up a tree, hanging on for dear life, with the 600mm resting in the crook of a branch..!