Tuesday, 2 February 2010

I'm having a moan!

A mountain of images shot this week, the Barn Owls have been the key target species, but as the weather conditions produced some fabulous sunset and dusk skies I have been shooting them too.
I also visited Salthouse again for the Snow Buntings, fortunately most of the time I was there the other photographers were people with at least some common sense, unfortunately there were also some people there for a while with no fieldcraft, common sense or consideration for others; chasing the birds around, talking in loud voices and making more noise with clanking tripods etc than "a one-man band clog dancing on a tin roof" these pratts spoilt it for others by making the Snow Buntings nervous and jittery. I usually moan about dog walkers, but in fairness dog owners are not aware of what we are doing, their passing-by is generally quite quick and the birds soon return. Idiots with cameras are exactly that, idiots!


Frank Anderson said...

I now how you feel about some of the idiots you meet when watching wildlife, though I'm glad you got some images despite of them. I wouldn't mind having your sucess in seeing owls. Frank

Nigel Blake said...

Many thanks Frank.
Owls are pretty easy really, finding them to start with is pehaps difficult, but once you know where they are, they are reliable to the clock and tend to hunt the same areas at the same time of day. So patience and care regarding getting into a good viewing position is all thats needed.