Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Tripod found

The good news is that I have now got my tripod and gimbal head back, very many thanks to Mr and Mrs Smith at Burnham Thorpe and Hunstanton Police!


Trix said...

Congratulations Nigel. There are still lots of good people in this world.

Poul Thorsen

Andrew said...

A stroke of luck I guess, glad you got it back safely :o)

Gerard Schouten said...

I am very happy that you tripot has been found and returned. That must be a great relief to you!

Many thanks for your guided tour. I will keep in touch, and hope to have another tour with you in the area.

Kind regards,
Gerard Schouten

Gerard Schouten said...

Hi Nigel,

That must be a big relief!

Many thanx for your informative guided tour. I hope to redo the tour some day with you in less windy weather conditions.

The Shore Larks were not out last Tuesday, but we found some hunting Barns Owls in the rain (rather far out in the field).

Kind regards,

Nicholas said...

Wow you were lucky there!!

I left my Uniloc Major 1600 System with Linhof ballhead at the back of my car and drove off without it, this was on a little used back road miles from anywhere. I went back shortly after when I discovered I'd left it behind, but it had gone. I contacted the police but never got it back.