Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Farne-tastic weekend!

A blinding weekend, two days on the Farne Islands with Steve Blain and Paul Hackett, the weather was pretty much perfect except a strong swell on the sea made the timings a bit outside what we had hoped for, but in the end it was a photographically productive trip.
 I came home with all the target shots I had wanted, mostly that consisted of more and better Puffins in flight with bills full of Sandeels, Close ups of Shags showing the irrescent green colour better, Razorbills, I had perfect light for them on Saturday morning and a real poser to work with too.
You can find many more images from the Farnes on my Flickr pages click here .
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Pussycats and Angels said...

Hi Nigel
Fantastic photo's...Lucky you spending the time on the Farnes..My cousin has just spent two weeks holiday in Northumberland and also went to The Farnes she was amazed...
The only thing she wasn't prepared for was the smell........
Well hope to visit one day.
Enjoying your blog by the way..
Best Wishes

Bobbster said...

Stunning Images Nigel, that has to be one of the best Razorbill images I have seen, great detail.

Beyond My Garden said...

I really like the Puffin in flight photo at the bottom.

Valenchia said...

Oh, there once was a Puffin
In the shape of a muffin
And he lived on an island in the deep blue sea
And he ate little fishes
That were so delicious
And he had them for supper and he had them for tea.

It's a poem I remember reading to my kids when they were little. Just had to add and say hi!

Elsa said...

Amazing bird photography!

Groupdmt said...

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Pen and Ink said...

wonderful photos. I have always wanted to see a puffin. We don't have them in Virginia. Thank you for sharing!