Monday, 22 October 2007

All things bright and....

The green wind-up merchant! Its not that I don't get shots of them, its just that try as I might, I havn't got the shot I want of one; Well yesterday was a bit better, I came home with several Green Woodpecker shots in the can, but alas, when opened on the computer, of the two best ones, one had its nictitating membrane half closed over the eye and one was just not quite sharp 'cos the bird moved! I am more than happy with the one shown below though.
Another trip to Richmond park added a big heap of new Deer images to the hard drive, this time I went for some more atmospheric images as well as the rutting stags.
A cold and frankly horrid foggy morning at Little Paxton filled me with the overwhelming thoughts that I should have rolled over and stayed in my nice warm bed.... but a Black headed gull, the fog and the rising sun all conspired to give me a set of images that made it well worth being out, it was a good day!


Birdnut said...

Fantastic images, particularly the Gull which is absolutely amazing!

Keith Reeder said...

Great stuff as usual.

I reckon that your contre jour gull could end up being as much of a classic as Sundown Hunter.