Saturday, 6 October 2007

Stints, and spikes

I've had a couple of very busy weeks, I generally see loads of Hedgehogs, so being commissioned to photograph one with a new brand of Hedgehog food did not seem too much of a challenge, how wrong can one be!
It took several evenings of pretty hard searching to nail one down, the saddest part of the search was the number I saw squashed in the road, 27 during 3 nights. Some might think that that is a sign of a healthily high population, but this time of the year they are feeding up ready for winter and therefore more active. It isn't just cars they fall victim to either, garden slug pellets are responsible for many Hedgehog deaths, also garden ponds with steep edges kill them too, Hedgehogs can swim, so a small ramp that enables them to get out of the water would perhaps save a Hedgehogs life!

As its that time of year I have also been out photographing fungus, havn't a clue what most of them are , they are very photogenic though, but its going to be a chore identifying all the ones in my latest pictures.

I've also been trying to get better shots of Greenfinches fighting in mid air around the feeders, still not got the shot I have in mind, but I have added a few more quite nice flight shots!

Lastly the irresistable Little Stints at Salthouse have been a delight to photograph, great location and great light, wet through to the bone from laying in the mud, bliss, especially when you see the results of the days image taking!

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