Friday, 20 June 2008

Lapwing, perfect Focus

I spent the morning sorting out getting a new car, (clue in the title, no not a Ford Lapwing!!), and then I was at the pool again this afternoon, a very frustrating couple of hours to start with as the Lapwing generally was only there when the sun wasn't, and when I finally got some images I found I had a big blob of mud on the lens, most annoyingly I had a great flight shot, and some Swallows collecting mud, all totally unusable as a result!
I cleaned the lens and got set for another long wait, eventually the Lapwing and Pied Wagtail performed perfectly and I had some fantastic evening light too, a good day in the end!

1 comment:

Keith Reeder said...

So you're giving the Focus another chance after the previous one? Must admit, I quite like the Focus myself.

Anyway, more cracking pictures, Nigel - keep 'em coming.