Sunday, 29 June 2008

Poolside birds

More adventures with the remote control camera, it is time consuming and even with far better view of what the camera is seeing and the ability to frame the image the hit rate with small birds is very low, I kept 7 out of 208 frames today.
Today I had a bad time with a stray dog that just appeared, nestled down in my new car, scoffed my sandwiches, spread mud and snott on the seats, growled and bared its teeth at me and would not allow me near, I had to jam my spade handle in its mouth so I could get hold of its collar (no owner details) and throw it out, I dont blame the dog and I'm not a violent person, but this is one irresponsible owner who is really lucky they were not there!
Yesterday it got windy so I packed all the technical stuff up and shot the Corn Buntings and the Yellow Wagtails with the 600mm when the wind dropped occasionally.

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