Sunday, 19 April 2009

The boys are back

It is another of my favourite times of year, the arrival of spring and increasing numbers of summer migrants fills one with excitement about all the possible images that are waiting to be shot.
Nightingales have always been a high priority songster both as a photographic subject and just as a bird to be experienced, its amazing how close you can be to one and still not see it, deep in cover, belting out an astonishing array of notes.
So far this year I have only spent two days working on them and already I've got shots I am happy with (I've already got loads of images from previous years) but I have a dream image in my mind's eye that I want to try to achieve so I'll be working on them some more yet.


Anonymous said...

Your photographs are stunning. I like the bird too but don't have them here or at least I have never seen them. I have a small backyard and my birds must land in it here in town before they can be photographed. I show some of those on My Birds Blog.

Phil Bishop said...

Saw you there staking a bird out, along with a few others. Glad to see you got some images.