Thursday, 30 April 2009


I see my camera as a sort of amplifier for my eyes; all the time that I have had an interest in photography I have been acutely aware that I am stimulated to look and see much more intensly than I would otherwise, this is noticable to some degree even when I do not have a camera with me.
Photography is not about what you see, but its all about how you see, so I like to work from veiwpoints that we maybe do not look from on a usual day to day basis.
A fantastic morning in a Bluebell carpeted wood led to some different images to what most would shoot; they were not easy to compose or set-up, so I had a good few duds, but the ones that worked made me very happy with the session, (just one shown here) the others are a bit more standard "Stock"

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Chris Jones said...

Hey Nigel.

You must have dug a hole?
Keep going chap, realy like the stuff you are doing these days.
Regards Chris