Sunday, 24 May 2009

Tree Pipit

Tree Pipit, this is a bird that has eluded me for ages, I had photographed them on that funny old stuff called film long ago, and I had got a few distant frames on my old D30, (the bird must have covered about 12 pixels).
Yesterday a good mate called me to say he had found a very showy bird, but I was all fully booked with family running around jobs for the day; however I was out at dawn today and had a very pleasant 3 hours of the bird all to myself, some of several gigs worth of images are shown below, theres lots more left to process.


Dale Forbes said...

those are some lovely shots, Nigel. they are not that easy to get to here, but I managed to get some videoscoped shots of one a couple of weeks ago - my first videoscoped bird!

I posted it here if you are interested: birding

iordakis said...

very nice photos!