Sunday, 3 May 2009

Yellow fellow

Yellow Wagtails, these have always been a favourite bird of mine, late April and May is the time when they use a local dung heap as a migration "service station" , very many come through, I have seen as many as 74 there all at once, and usually one or two stay to raise a brood or two. The dung is not the most photogenic of settings but it produces huge numbers of bugs and larvae.
The whole countryside has a predominance of yellow all around, Oil-seed Rape that almost glows in the dark covers great expases of arable land and theres a good show of Dandelions too.


L.J.Cowell said...

Lovely images Nigel!

I've left email on your flickrmail regarding some of your images.

Cathy B. said...

Superbes photos sur tout le blog! Beautiful :-)