Thursday, 7 January 2010

The freeze goes on!

The cold weather is here to stay by the looks of it, the forecast today (7th Jan) suggests it will last at least another 10-14 days!
The birds at the feeder site always look pleased to see me, the Sing Thrush and Blackbirds are staying within a few feet as I top up the food stock, and not flying off like they usually would.
Steve Blain and I went out on an Owl prowl and got some great views and images of a Tawny Owl, also saw lots of Muntjac.
I have been out with the cameras all day every day since Christmas, the Fens have been great for Barn Owl, Geese, Kestrels and Whooper Swans. I also had a great session with a pair of Stonechats and a juvenile Grey Heron who, because everywhere is iced-up, was catching mice in the rough grass.
Lots of new images on my Flickr

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