Monday, 11 January 2010

Tawnies and snow

Its been a very productive week despite having had my feeder site trashed by vandals, I have shot thousands of images, most not even properly viewed or edited yet!
These are a few, the Redwings do seem to be getting tamer as they struggle to find food, they have been demolishing the apples and fruit I have put out for them, and the Robins have posed perfectly on every "christmas card" set I have put up and the Song Thrush has been a show-off too.
Steve Blain and I have been out on a couple of "Owl prowls" in the snow, it's been fantastic, last night we got 5 Tawny owls, 2 Barn Owls and several Muntjac deer again, one of the Tawnies posed for both of us to get great images of it.

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