Friday, 6 July 2012

Local birds

It seems odd looking back at some of this years pictures as it looks like we have had lots of sunny weather when the reallity is that it's been very wet, so I am surprised that the Lapwings were as successful at raising young when it appeared their nests would have been washed out, all seven pairs on the field near my feeder site had 2 or 3 chicks!
 It was another great spring for Wheatears and Yellow Wagtails on the dungheap, it didn't take many days to get them coming to mealworms, but the surprise bird was a real tame Skylark, I've never managed to get them on supplied food before, and wonder if it was down to the weather making finding natural food difficult to get. Whatever the reason I have ended up with several hundred great images of one of the Larks, what a poser it was too!
 Linnets also came for seed, however the shot here was taken as one perched on the Oilseed Rape flowers in one of the surrounding fields.

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wildaboutwales said...

the crested lark is one of the easy birds to photograph in Egypt too.