Wednesday, 25 February 2009

On my belly in the mud again

February is always a good month on the bird photography calendar, because it is the best month for Barn Owls, this year has been spectacular in that there appears to be very good numbers of these marvelous birds.
This year, as well as the usual portraits and flight shots, I have tried to document other aspects of their lives, especially the threats to them from traffic as they do seem to like hunting roadside verges.
I have also had another couple of visits to the Norfolk coast to shoot waders, the Turnstone's and Dunlin especially as they are so photogenic from a low point of view (I usually get very wet and muddy at this site) I was very happy to get one of the Dunlin wing stretching in amongst some wet stones.
The Snow Bunting flock at Salthouse have been photographed by everyone as they are readily coming to the seeded area there, but I wanted to get some shots on the wet shingle by the pools, so I spent some time working on them; still not got one bathing though, and thats the shot I want!

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