Saturday, 28 February 2009

Great Cormorant

An icon of hatred to anglers in the UK, but what a stunning looking bird the Great Cormorant is; a reptilian look and a scaly pattern to their plumage makes them look like a very old bird family.
These stunners certainly showed grace and poise as they fished as close as 12 metres to me and they were well practiced and efficient at their art too.
I have never managed to see these at really close range before, so as much as I enjoyed photographing them, I really got a big thrill at being able to watch their behavior and note the fine plumage too.

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Keith Reeder said...

I'm a lapsed (but previously passionate) angler myself Nigel, and although I completely understand the angler's perspective on Cormorants, I've always had a grudging respect for just how good they are at what they do.

And I enjoy 'em immensely as photographic subject matter!