Sunday, 1 February 2009

Hoverers galore

A fantastic week with some nice light and a couple of good performers in the way of Barn Owls and Kestrel.
The Kestrel seemed unaware or unconcerned by me being there and I managed to get a couple of "rodents eye views" of the bird from in the grass, a shot that I have always had in my minds eye. The close shots of it from a 3/4 rear view have also been a shot I had in mind.
The Barn Owl performed beautifully too, many more daylight images similar to those on the previous post here, but the nighttime shot of it hovering has been a shot that I have tried to get for possibly as long 20 years, I almost didn't dare look at the screen afterwards, just two frames and my heart sank when the first one showed on the monitor, the owl's wing was covering its face, the second had me whooping with excitement.

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Mark Wilson said...

That Barnie in the dark is killer Nigel!