Monday, 29 March 2010

Barn Owls again!

Some very successful Barn Owl trips last week, it was a real pleasure to take people out and show them Barn Owls at very close range and get great shots of them, the weather makes no difference, they've been out in the rain too and it makes for very different shots.
"I saw more Barn Owls today than I have seen ever before" being the usually smiley faced comment at the end of the day.
We haven't just concentrated on the Owls, combining some camera tuition during the middle part of the day while the Barnies are roosting has been great fun too, it really surprised me how excited people get at finding and photographing Red-legged Partridges, they can be quite skittish, but up close they are very smart and nicely coloured birds and make great images.
If you want to see Barn Owls ( I can't guarantee full-frame close-ups every time, but haven't failed yet!) email me for details, address in the panel at the right of page, for details.


Pat Ulrich said...

Gorgeous barn owl shots! I really like the frame in the rain as well, it adds such an interesting extra character to it. Beautiful work!

Nigel Blake said...

Very many thanks again for your kind comments, Pat! Best regards Nigel