Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Photogrind thieves blog entries

Well I've not had a reply from them yet, this is to make anyone who has a blog aware that Photogrind is actively stealing peoples blog entries without seeking the copyright owners permission, adding them to their site, and then being hypocritical enough to emblazon their pages with copyright notices...... If you are reading this on there; then why not click on and see the posts as they are meant to be seen.


Nikographer said...

Me too. You might like this trick I came up with to stop their bot from stealing the content, I think...

Adding something like this to your post might prevent future robot thefts (see last post by me) -

Nigel Blake said...

Thats handy to know, thanks!

Keith Reeder said...

They've even got this post on their site, Nigel!

Willard said...

They got me too, I tried adding the HTML tag as suggested by Nikographer, and it didn't prevent the theft, but at least it shows who really originally posted the material.

Marcus Conway said...

Shocking that they can do this!

Keith Reeder said...


Photogrind is registered by a company called It might be worth you complaining to them ( because most registrars will pull a website than risk being caught up in say action for copyright infringement - there'll probably be something in their terms and conditions about that, so the toerag running Photogrind could get what's coming.

Keith Reeder said...

Here you go - from their Ts & Cs (with my emphasis):

"...we and your Primary Service Provider may terminate or suspend the Services at any time for cause, which, without limitation, includes

(i) registration of prohibited domain name(s),

(ii) abuse of the Services,

(iii) payment irregularities,

(iv)allegations of illegal conduct,

(v) failure to keep your Account or WHOIS information accurate and up to date,

(vi) failure to respond to inquiries from us for over ten (10) calendar days, or

(vii) if your use of the Services involves us in a violation of any third party’s rights or acceptable use policies, including but not limited to the transmission of unsolicited email or the violation of any copyright".

Go on, Nigel - get the bugger!

Nigel Blake said...

Many thanks for that, Keith!
Currently I and several others ar pursuing this issue via that route, although their respose times are a bit slow!