Friday, 19 March 2010

Fire in the sky

I've had quite a few days out with people I've never met before, recently, and its been great fun. What I really have enjoyed most is being able to get some of these people very close to species they have never seen well (or never seen at all) in a way that they have managed to go home with memorable images. The Barn Owl below was one such bird, it was "glued" to its perch for nigh-on an hour just 13 metres away, picking at its talons with its beak, wing stretching and "lazy hunting" watching the ground below for prey, and Julie who was with me for the day took several (well over a hundred probably) frame filling shots on her 400D and 300mm with a 1.4X on it!

I have been out and about at dusk/night shooting some "environmental and green issues" related images, I'm particularly happy with the pylons and electric light, lit sky series, one is shown below.

Lots more on my flickr gallery, the link is top right of this page.

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Nikographer said...

Beautiful images!

(And they're still swiping your stuff over at ~gr1nd)