Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Diver and hoverers

It seems a long time since I updated this Blog; in the past month I've been doing quite a bit really, but the weather has not been particularly good.
A red Throated Diver at Chelmsford posed for photographers on a small lake in the middle of the town, again not good weather the day I was there (despite a good forecast) however I got images that I was very happy with.
I had a few trips to Norfolk, some productive, but I seem to be good at attracting the " oooh thats a big lens", "I've never seen a camera quite like that" and " can you photograph the moon with that" brigade just at the least appropriate moment........... however the Turnstones at Salthouse are always reliable and good value!
With the weather being rubbish I have spent some time doing studio shots of various things, I really enjoyed shooting a series of autumn leaves images, simple compositions and strong colours.
I am also keeping an eye out for modern farming landscapes, the long plastic strips used for plant propagation make good graphic images.
Then last of all, I had a very posy Kestrel that nearly hovered into the car at one stage, over 300 shots of that which were all stunning... if only it was that easy/good all the time!