Friday, 29 May 2009

Apus apus capers

The Common Swifts are back around my home, I spent a long time on these and deleted a very large portion of the shots taken, but well worth the effort for the few good images I got from the session. The "rooftop" one's are taken from my bedroom window.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Tree Pipit

Tree Pipit, this is a bird that has eluded me for ages, I had photographed them on that funny old stuff called film long ago, and I had got a few distant frames on my old D30, (the bird must have covered about 12 pixels).
Yesterday a good mate called me to say he had found a very showy bird, but I was all fully booked with family running around jobs for the day; however I was out at dawn today and had a very pleasant 3 hours of the bird all to myself, some of several gigs worth of images are shown below, theres lots more left to process.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Close to home

A few days of local photography, mainly at the Yellow Wagtail site as I have been doing a fair amount of work on them, but mainly I have been working on a few projects that are commissioned and need to show images at the end of each day; and I've had a couple checks at the hospital, as well as cameras back to Canon for a check-up! together these have stopped me travelling far from home (except for 2 days up a Welsh mountain, see my jets blog), however I'll soon be out and about shooting stock a bit further afield.
A few early starts have been good for Barn Owls, Song Thrush, Hare and other common subjects, I was very happy with the whole Pheasant at dawn sequence.

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Yellow fellow

Yellow Wagtails, these have always been a favourite bird of mine, late April and May is the time when they use a local dung heap as a migration "service station" , very many come through, I have seen as many as 74 there all at once, and usually one or two stay to raise a brood or two. The dung is not the most photogenic of settings but it produces huge numbers of bugs and larvae.
The whole countryside has a predominance of yellow all around, Oil-seed Rape that almost glows in the dark covers great expases of arable land and theres a good show of Dandelions too.