Friday, 30 November 2007

Winter well on the way

Winter is well on its way, Whooper Swans are back at Welney, huge flocks if winter thrushes, the Fieldfare being just one of a large group, have arrived, and Magpies are scoffing all the food at the feeding station, the light is non existent mostly, its been cold and wet; but I still love this time of year because when you get everything come together nicely you get some great pictures.


blacky said...

hi nigel love the shoots as a new boy to all this i was thinking of going to welny is it worth the trip from essex . you should write a book nigel your photos are superb

Keith Reeder said...

That magpie has rekindled my urge to get a decent picture of one - it's a photographic jinx bird for me!

It's a focal length thing, I guess!