Tuesday, 15 April 2008

The lowest of the low

More from the hole in the lawn, I think the way that you shoot a subject reflects how you feel about it, puting yourself on the same level is like showing them as your equals in this world; I always strive to shoot things a little differently than most others would, (its getting more difficult these days though) the last thing I want is to end up as a sad old git shooting the same old tired production line images from the same old hides day in, day out!
What appeals to me mostly about low POV images is that there is, if the hide and background are suitably situated, nothing that detracts your eye from the subject, the more colourful the bird, the bolder it looks! but even "little brown jobs" like the Dunnock and House Sparrow leap from the image and invite you to view them in all their fine detail.


Keith Reeder said...

It just gets better and better!

I love these, Nigel - the side-on pheasant is magic and the top yellerhammer is amazing, but I think I actually like the house sparrow most of all.

Nigel Blake said...

Very many thanks Keith, It certainly is hard to decide on favourites, I nearly didn't bother with the back of the Pheasant's head image, but the halo produced by the Red "face flannel" really makes the shot work for me however, and the more I look at it, the more I think I'll try some odd views of other subjects too!

Mark Wilson said...

The back of the Pheasant head is by far my favourite of this set Nigel - greeat stuff.