Friday, 15 October 2010

Rotten woodland!

It might have been a rotten summer but all that wet has lead to a bumper crop of fungus this autumn. This is a subject that I do not know much about and would be very wary of eating any of them; although lots are edible and tasty there are also many that will upset your stomach and even kill because they are so toxic.
You should be able to find lots to photograph in any woodland now, but it is best to go off the beaten track as sadly it seems many people trample on them, haven't a clue why!
I usually use fill-in flash or Lastolite reflectors to aid with lighting, it is also worth taking a sturdy tripod and cable/remote shutter release.
I think fungi are very photogenic and really like photographing them despite getting wet knees and also very muddy in the process!


Andrew said...

These are excellent. I have tried before but never been happy so maybe I should keep trying!

Poul Thorsen said...

Hi Nigel
These mushroom images are good. I am facinated by this time of year and have done a few mushroom images, but always used a shallow DOF. This gives me new inspiration.
Mine you can find on: under nature-autumn

Poul Thorsen

Lenise Souza said...


alletsse said...

sincerely marvellous.

Megumi said...

Your photos are so beautiful~ I looove mushrooms and woodland fungus!

Mohd Yusof Tawil said...

It's beautiful!, I'm quiet new in nature photography, I get new lesson from you, regards.