Saturday, 29 May 2010

Life and death

A few more images of the Spotted Flycatchers at the churchyard. I will be working on these a lot more in the coming weeks. Yesterday I missed the allofeeding and mating again, and that's a shot I really want, the female was all lined up in camera, lovely submissive pose, I held on so I had a full buffer, but when the male arrived they both flew off to a shaded perch that was partially obscured from my view.
Also a couple of shots of other churchyard residents, Wood pigeon and Collared Dove, there are so many species that come and go, Blackbirds, Song and Mistle Thrush, a pair of Robins lots of Warblers work through the trees and bushes. The day before yesterday I had a Goldcrest feeding within 2 feet of me, It was great to watch it collecting spiders web for a nest at such close range! So much life in a place for remembering the dead!
Lots more on my Flickr (link top right).

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