Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Wheatears, Wagtails & Warblers

I have been shooting the images for the next RSPB bird feeding products catalogue this month, a job I always look forward to doing, but this time I had several hanging feeders, usually pretty easy to do, however; the day I picked up all the products was windy and that wind did not drop for 2 weeks. The seed fell out onto the ground and the birds chose the easy option of going there too, very frustrating! Its all done now, I got some great images of Siskins on a Terracotta apple shape feeder, complimentary colours in the backgrounds and lovely Welsh morning light, fantastic; but you'll have to wait for the catalogue to see them.
I have also been at the "big poo pile" photographing the Yellow Wagtails and Wheatears that have been abundant for a few weeks, take a look at my Flickr pages for lots more images.
Two warblers that have evaded me since I started digital photography (I had then on slides) are Grasshopper Warbler and Blackcap; the Gropper was a bit of a poser for about 40 minutes; but the Black just blew me away; I was trying to photograph a Red Kite Overhead near Old Warden when the Blackcap emerged from the bushes within 3 feet of me; my second body had my 100mm macro fitted and I used that fully expecting the bird to disappear when the shutter fired; it didn't and I shot some 90 frames before it went, I was so excited I got camera -shake on about 40% of the images.

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