Tuesday, 22 January 2008

More headlight highlights

A fruitless search for a Long-eared Owl perhaps, but still a great nights Owl hunting, seven (it might have been eight) Tawny Owls being the highlight as there were a couple of real posers who allowed us real close. Two Barn Owls, Fox Muntjac and several Hares made up the supporting cast for a fine evenings wildlife watching.


James O'Rear said...

Fantastic images Nigel. Your bird images are, as always, simply stunning.

Nick S said...

Nigel, may I enquire what kind of lighting you used on the Tawny pics please?
I'll be taking my 350D , 100-400 and 430Ex flash with me to the Boreal forest at the end of the month, so any help would be very appreciated.
Cheers mate !

Nigel Blake said...

I just use an EOS 550EX flash and a 1/2 million candle power lamp Nick.